EcoTrek shares our resources freely in order to generate further research and to inspire the next generations of scientists, artists and communicators to work together.  We share our findings and knowledge through social media, school visits, and in our mobile classrooms and museums that tour throughout America.  We share our equipment and time with first responders and disaster-relief teams anytime the need arises.

Data Sharing

These artifacts from the real "Island of the Blue Dolphins" have been locked away from the public for years.  We will share our photos of these items, as well as thousands of other images and documents that we control so that visitors to this site can use our resources freely in their research and work.

Equipment Sharing

EcoTrek is blessed to have the support of numerous companies that manufacture cars, trucks, boats, expedition gear, etc.  When the need arises, we make ourselves and our equipment available for disaster relief, research projects and more.