Tom Holm’s career path has been both unique and uncharted.  

He has designed environmentally-considerate custom vehicles for automotive titans like Mercedes-Benz, GM, Mitsubishi, Kia and Ford.  He has promoted alternative fuel and conservation programs within the automotive industry, as well as for the U.S. Navy and Marines.  He has designed, built and operated mobile medical and research vehicles that set new standards in “green technology.”  And, his work in non-invasive archaeology is helping to repatriate and rebury of over 1,000 human remains.  Tom also produced, wrote and hosted 30 episodes of the Adventure Highway with Tom Holm TV series for the Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports West) that highlighted some of Earth’s most beautiful locations. 

For his work in the automotive industry, GM proclaimed Tom, “a champion who is awakening mankind to alternatives in living and new methods to preserve our natural resources.”  Mitsubishi said, “Mr. Holm sets an amazingly high standard of integrity and performance” and the German press playfully dubbed Tom, “das Eco Pimper” for his eco-conversions of cars and trucks.

While obtaining his first  academic degree in journalism, Tom founded Transcom, which operated vehicles that brought health care to people unable to reach hospitals.  Transcom also pioneered the mobile marketing industry and conducted promotional tours for movie studios, TV networks and consumer goods companies.  The medical division of Transcom was purchased by an international pharmaceutical company, which enabled it to grow and provided Tom with the time and resources to return to graduate school.

Tom’s advanced degree from the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography enables him to investigate the use of biofuels, including those made from algae, while researching sites that are culturally or environmentally sensitive.  His research initially focused in areas (land and sea) controlled by the U.S. Navy, then expanded internationally when Holm was appointed the first ever Lead (SCUBA) Diver for the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology and Conservation during its inaugural expedition to Greece.  Tom continues his research in marine archaeology and ethnography worldwide, but likes to focus his attention on the ancient mariners of the Pacific Ocean.  

Tom’s unique skills have enabled him to work in the Maldives, Greece, Africa, Australia, Guam, Fiji, Palau, Bali, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey.  He has also earned the trust of several Native American tribes, military leaders and conservation groups here in the U.S.  Holm’s work to protect threatened cultures, wildlife and world monuments inspired him to establish the non-profit EcoTrek Foundation.  Through EcoTrek, Tom performs research and educational programs, while he continues writing and speaking about preserving the world’s endangered cultures, destinations and precious natural resources.